How your donations help children?

In the ICU Hospital "Okhmatdyt" the boy from Lugansk, 13 years old, was lying, who was in extremely poor condition. In fact, he was orphan because his family consisted of his mother and brother, and father - a man addicted to alcohol, who did not help them.

He urgently needed oliklinomel - for food through a tube because he could not swallow. They thought they shall lie with his mother at least a few weeks, but they needed urgently this food.
Thanks to the volunteers, the boy suddenly recovered (relatively), so that for him suddenly became much better! Currently, he went from Ohmatdyt (he was discharged from the intensive care unit very shortly after the help, after 1-2 weeks of help!).

Such stories for your help (in most cases - anonymous) – are not seldom. We will introduce you to them. Thank you.

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