Our Association is addressed by people needing help - mostly parents of seriously ill children who find our organization over the Internet, physicians who treat these children in "OHMATDET" or other hospitals, adults of lying seriously ill citizens in need or hygienic articles as pension does not allow them purchase them. Thus, in January-April 2013 we gave assistance for more than 19,000 UAH, which has your voluntary donations to our boxes as its source. In particular, it was diapers for the critically ill child L. - 477.57 UAH; materials for office work with children having cerebral palsy, Pechersk district of Kiev - 244.86 UAH; assistance to OHMATDET for art therapy with seriously ill children - 809.39 UAH; toys for the children's department to work with children needing palliative care at home, Pechersk district of Kiev - 1781.83 UAH; materials for critically ill children S. - 195.4 UAH, toys for children's psychiatric hospital number 2 - 1098.45 etс.

And some need advice on pain management...
Unfortunately, we can not help everyone, in such cases, and we try to at least give the address (phone) of other charitable organizations that provide assistance in such cases.
We will be happy to answer your further questions and invite you to the agencies that we are helping to (or, respectively, in the families) - you can even see their deeper needs and decide to help.
Thank you.

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