On March 27, 2013 in Kiev Association of palliative and hospice care successfully hosted the conference of the "Social policy towards palliative (incurably) ill persons. At the beginning of the conference a very happy event have had place: rewarding one of the main heads of the hospice movement in Ukraine, Director of the Institute for Palliative and Hospice Care of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine prof. Y.I.Hubsky with one of the highest awards of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - the Order of St. Agapit from Caves of the first degree. The event was attended by over 40 leaders (organizers) of health services and social protection, civic leaders, psychologists, and other. Special interest was aroused with a controversial report "The health care system and social protection in Ukraine: services or assistance?", done by coordinator of social and medical programs of the Synodal Department for charity and social service of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Gennady Taranyuk (Kyiv), the workshop "How to sell for communities participation in good work?" by Jakob Rogalin (Donetsk) and psihodramatic master class “When life line becomes a dot" by Vitaly Klimchuk (Zhitomir). Our special thanks for support in orgaisation of the event to our sweet sponsor!

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