On 15th February, 2013 Association of palliative and hospice care have initiated a meeting of the working group for the development and improvement of organizational forms in the provision of social and medical services which was organised in the frameworks of the project of Democracy Fund, US Embassy in Ukraine. The group was established by order of the Ministry of social policy in 2011 to work out a number of documents that can improve assisting seriously ill citizens and in fact it is aimed at ensuring their real rights.

The mentioned meeting was attended also by invited persons (including the representatives of Department of Social Protection of Luhansk Regional State Administration, regional centers area; geriatric in-patient facility; Fund of Social Protection of the disabled, Luhansk Association of private institutions of health, "Medical newspaper”, regional hospice and other stakeholders).

The meeting dealt with: 1) scientific support legal support to improve organizational forms of palliative and hospice care. 2) the legal framework of social and medical services seriously ill (incurable) and there was a discussion of problems in palliative and hospice care and ways to solve them. Especially, we have identified violations in relation to terminally ill persons (denial of admission, lack of benefits, sots.harantiy, lack of equipment and actually lack access to adequate services at the end of life). The event was very productive, this bare fact that all participants stayed to its very end, and actively participated in it (asked questions, expressed on the topic).

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