Association of palliative and hospice care, Institute of Palliative and Hospice Medicine Health of Ukraine, Institute of Social Technologies
Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" invite you to participate in

Second Annual National Scientific Conference

"Social policy towards severe (incurable) patients". 27th March, 2013. Kyiv

The event unites experts in social work and politics, health, sociology, economics, psychology, representatives of state and local governments, community organizations and businesses, religious groups, students and senior students.

1. Contents and Principles of Social Policy of Ukraine and others. countries in the world on hard (terminally) patients and their families and service providers. Possibility (need) the selection of a vulnerable group of palliative (hospice) patients with the provision of certain benefits, social benefits, etc..
2. Social protection and guarantees for the terminally ill and their families and health care providers, social, psychological and others. Service.
3. The sociological dimension of palliative and hospice care.
4. Participation of NGOs in shaping social policy is terminally ill and their families and service providers.
5. Social standards and quality of life for the terminally ill.
6. Problems and prospects of development of hospice and palliative care in Ukraine and others. countries.
7. Economic, legal and organizational conditions improve social policy terminally ill.

To participate in the conference please to March 1, 2013 to send an e-mail committee, mandatory copy application for participation in the conference materials and scanned receipts for payment of the charitable contribution.
REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION: up to 13 thousand characters (4 sheets of A4), typed in Word as a computer file with the extension * doc, or * rtf.
In the right corner of the surname, first name and patronymic of the author (full), below - the name of the organization (HEI) (unabridged) and the city (in the same row), below - e-mail, mob.telefon. Then the interval in the center - the name of the material (in capital letters, bold 14-th size), below the interval printed text. Materials must be prepared according to the requirements of WAC.
The filename of the materials - the name of the first author in Latin letters. The file name of the application - the word "application" and the name of the first author. Materials and application is not archived.
In the application of participant, please indicate the following information:
Name of conference
Name of participant
Academic degree, academic title
Name of the material
Theme direction
Address for correspondence
Your E-mail, from which to abstract your address
Mailing modeled:
Ivanov VV
str. The May,
house. 3, kv.15
, Kyiv
04060 Payment details: BU "Association of palliative and hospice care" p / pax number 26001335761 JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", Kyiv, MFO 380805, code 37472350 of payment: donation of Ivanov VV, excluding VAT
Planning (select): Make a speech (15 min.), Make a report (5 min.)
participate as a listener, publish papers (distance involved).
Charitable Fee is 120 USD. (Paid by all participants: full-time and part-time), which includes a collection of materials published on the event, certificate of participation and involvement in the coffee break. Further information and materials last year's conference, please call mob. 097 14 17 456 066 244 73 37 or, or website Association

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