Week of December 17-21, 2012 has been in our Association of palliative and hospice care extremely active. We have organized the celebration of the Holy Mykolay in the hospital "Okhmatdet"!
On 17th December for parents of seriously ill children in the Department of Neurology came up artist Vlada. Moms was delighted, because she's a little distracted them from the sad routine. After all, their children are in the office, have the disease, such as epilepsy, or Down syndrome ... Therefore, such aid was for them a small and very pleasant surprise.

The next day at the hospital came the real St. Nicholas: our volunteer Orekhovsky Alexander, who brought 80 sets of candy for the children at the AIDS Center and the Department of Surgery. The children were happy, because they feel the joy of the holiday and attention.

The same day, eight students of secondary school № 139 came to the Center of Toxicology, where more than 40 children are being treated, 25 of them - on dialysis because their own kidneys, unfortunately, do not work. They did nevelechku presentation to their peers and brought them gifts: pens, markers, colored paper.
20 th December, volunteers from Platinum Bank came to us. They held classes on art therapy for young patients of Pediatrics and Endocrinology and presented gifts to kids.
Thus, our volunteers in one week provided a modest but a necessary and pleasant help of more than 150 people.
Thank you all. Join the good deeds! Call 097 14 17 456!

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