A free hotline for protection of rights of seriously (or terminally) ill citizens started. Contact us by phone (044) 384 10 01 and we shall try to answer your questions related to disability benefits and social guarantees. Opening of the line is dedicated to the World Day of palliative and hospice care, which is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of October.
If you experienced cases of violation of the right of access to medical, social and other services, such as you or your relatives:
- Not provided adequate medical information about the condition and prognosis of the disease;
- Not provided adequate medical, social, spiritual, psychological support for incurable diseases, especially in the last period of life;
- Do not have access to family members seriously (terminally ill);
- Not provided adequate pain management;
- Did not get access to education for seriously ill children who are in the medical facility;

If you (or your family, relatives) experienced:
- Violation of the performance of social benefits available to seriously ill people (benefits for housing, a car, etc.);
- Violation of proprietary rights associated with the legacy, heritage (especially in the last period of life);
- Violation or inadequate treatment at diagnosing by hospitals and other bodies;
- Deliberately accelerating death or killing of seriously (or terminally ill) patient to end his / her suffering –

You can call a free hotline for protection of seriously (or terminally ill) citizens. Contact us by phone (044) 384 10 01 and we shall try to answer your questions. You can also call tel. 097 14 17 456 or 066 244 73 37.

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