The second Saturday of October the world celebrates the Day of palliative and hospice care. Of course, the specialists of our Association, who, since 2006, are the pioneers of this type of care to the sick people in Ukraine, it is a professional holiday.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your generous donations for seriously ill that you provide through charity boxes (which are already at 25 outlets in Kyiv) or during charity events.
Because we are public and transparent NGO, we would like to briefly report to the public about our work and its results in 2011-2012.

  • Our training and educational activities (workshops, seminars, and conferences) have been attended by over 300 people from different regions of Ukraine.
  • Thanks to your donations, the constant and regular financial support to 3 families is provided and unregular to 4 families more.
  • Thanks to your donations, we assist 3 state institutions and with our help they supported more than 200 seriously ill patients from different regions of Ukraine.
  • Our 2 charity events (concerts) have been attended by over 200 people.
  • Box for collecting donations placed in 25 outlets.
  • The Association is actively involved in preparing a number of documents that govern the provision of palliative and hospice care ("The order of interaction during the provision of health and social services at home for terminally ill (palliative care), "Draft Order by Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On approval of palliative and hospice assistance", draft order "On the organization and functioning of the Hospice” and others.
  • Prepared and published over 35 publications on palliative and hospice subjects (academic and journalistic materials, articles, etc.).


Thank you all for your cooperation!

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