On 25th September, 2012 in Kiev the next training session for parents of seriously ill children on physical, psychological and social support have been done with the financial support of Australian Government (the support provided through the Embassy of Australia to Ukraine). Its aim was to give at least a general understanding of the opportunities, rights, and facilities that help this vulnerable population. Because of this information support it was extremely important event.
In total, the event was attended by 19 families from Kiev and Kiev region. We should note as well that some mothers are not just “informal experts” on this issue, but also work in public and state organizations which help difficult patients.

The event covered topics that are of great practical importance (equipment that can and should be sought for treatment or rehabilitation of seriously ill children; rights of seriously ill; who can help and why, etc.).
Association of palliative and hospice care plans to continue these activities and thereby support families where are seriously ill children. Many of them personally asked us to help. So we shall continue to raise funds for this very needed project.

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