On 12th June 2012 in the National Hospital for child "OHMATDET" the holiday took place: not only teachers, but also volunteers came to gratulate our children with the end of the school year.

Since September 2011, thanks to Center of medical and psycho-social support, the local Board of Education and Science, and the charitable organization "Association of palliative and hospice care" provided the Innovation training of children directly in the walls of medical facility.

All began in July-August 2011 when Association draw attention to lack of provision of social guarantees in the field of access to educational services for small patients. After some burocratic correspondence we have organized the training for 5 children of one of wards in the hospital.

In 2011/2012 school year children worked with teachers. At the beginning there have been many barriers: teachers for the first time in their professional life trained seriously ill children in the walls of the hospital; sometimes, patients felt bad afther the dialisis and missed lessons; some looked for organ donors.

But on 12th June 2012 occurred a day of the awarding of the certicificates. Thanks for Association of palliative and hospice care, near 20 volunteers have been united around the event. They represented the international organization Firefly, Roman-Catholic community, as well as the School of Eastern astrology and psychology. After the funny communications with the clown and mappet show all 15 children got gifts.

Of course, human kindness could not be measured by banal numbers, we estimate the cost of the voluntary assistance: gifts worth near 700 Euro and the 60 spend hours which is around 100 Euros.

In the future, our Association, having the mission to support incurably ill, plans to conduct similar events and will be happy to feed back from volunteers. 

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