On 10th February 2012 at the Department of Palliative and Hospice Medicine of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, a historic event: after passing a course on improvement of organizational and practical scills in the sphere of palliative and hospice care certificates were given for two social workers from elderly social care community center from Kyiv.

As you know, in the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine there are the institutions to provide social support at home: the territorial centers of elderly social care. Special attention is paid to social, psychologocal and medical home care to the elderly and persons with disabilities. From 2008 on the basis of one of these centers, in Pechersk district of Kiev, the innovative program of palliative and hospice care have been created for 50 citizens. The cooperation with medical institutions and religious communities (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) is established.

In 2010, the Department of Palliative Medicine has received a license to train social workers, although special education programs has not yet been approved. Given the high demand, postgraduate training of social workers have been started.

In 2012 opening of the first in Ukraine's history department of palliative and hospice care at an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Social Policy is planned. Till now, there are around 20 hospice faciliies in the structure of Ministry of health in Ukraine.


Certificates are given by head of the Department, Prof. Iurii Gubsky

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