Association of palliative and hospice care have prepared the analysis of rights, social benefits etc which belong to incurably ill of all ages in Ukraine. We disseminate the analysis to different NGOs working in the sphere of human rights and direct care to sick. The biggest problem of Ukrainian society nowadays is the low awareness about the rights, benefits etc issue. Unfortunately, some rights of citizens are neglected and the efforts of civic society organizations defending them are needed.

One of the biggest problems is huge corruption in the sphere of establishing disability. Some of severe sick are disabled (handicapped) because of their illness. But the status of “disabled” would not given very quickly and you should be “healthy” for a long time. The system of Ukrainian benefits, on the thought of our experts, is such that “benefits and social services are not coming towards sick person, but, on the contrary, the sick person must have be strong and health enough to get them”.

Association of palliative and hospice care have got a grant of International Renaisanse Foundation to answer the problem and start the dialogue in this direction between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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