XXth year of charity in 2017

Contra spem spero

Summing up the results of the twentieth year of the activity of the Dobrota Dobrota under uniquely adverse conditions of the Donbas-2017, alas, it can not do without the pathos given in the epigraph.

"Without hope I hope" - this is when there is no place left for HOPE, but Vera remains - nothing can shake, diminish, destroy it. Let Hope already as it may and not, but there is still VERA, that everything can be good, and everything is here ... In addition, and even, firstly, there is, it's exactly LOVE to GOOD. It is these LOVE + VERA = immorality GOOD with the existing position. This gives us strength to act. Maybe, in fact, while we do not give up, we are stronger than our fate? And even the results are surprisingly better than they could have been here / now.

In total, 49 donors-philanthropists allowed the fund in 2017 to maintain its public utility, including 43 individuals, 4 business corporations and 2 charitable foundations. In total, they received 176 donations from Donetsk, Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe, the United States and Canada. Of the features of our fundraising-2017 it is worth noting:
• As always, a great role in the activities of our fund was played by the founders: PPCP "Malysh" and LLC "Dairy cuisine №2", Donetsk Rotary Club and "Agency of social partnership". The administration of charitable assistance was provided by more than 90% of their resources. Unfortunately, in the past year, the extremely unfavorable circumstances of dealing with controlled and uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities in the Donbas territories forced them to suspend their activities. Then. we received from the founders in the form of donations also consumer goods - unrealized food from the warehouses, as well as furniture, office equipment and office supplies from offices;
• The overwhelming majority of donors-individuals-tested many-year-old friends of the Doha Foundation, donated from 4 to 48 times! .. At the same time, 5 benefactors wished to remain incognito;
• 3 pharmacies of the city of Donetsk repeatedly provided charitable help with medicines;
• donations from religious charitable foundations were not only significant but also quite symbolic = "The Pope for Ukraine" initiative and the Russian "Traditions", which we consider an actual interconfessional blessing to continue their activities.

The unsuccessful attraction of charity allowed the Drogobit Dobrota in 2017 to donate 1,687 times to finance, food, hygiene and medical supplies, furniture, office equipment and office supplies for 1584 recipients, incl. 1549 for families with stress, 13 educational institutions, 10 hospitals and 8 social protection organizations (orphanages, disabled people's societies, etc.). Then. the total amount of charitable aid was 2 643 572,24 rubles
The location of the recipients is as diverse as ever, including Avdeyevka, Bakhmut, Dobropole, Druzhkovka, Kiev, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Cherkasy, as well as Donetsk and another 51 settlements on uncontrolled Ukrainian territory.

Of course, all of the above is documented and easily verifiable.
We managed to maintain the relevance of our competencies in innovation and social marketing by providing weekly more or less extensive consultations for neophytes and ghastly practitioners of philanthropy, urbi et orbi.

What, and how to proceed? .. In order not to repeat the pathology of the beginning of this post, I consider it highly appropriate to follow the covenant of Boris Pasternak, not to seek self-justification for the unrighteousness of the place and time in which it happened: "I believe, time will come - the power of insidiousness and malice will overcome the spirit of goodness. »

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