On February 8, 2018, the Association of Palliative and Hospice care have joined the coordinating meeting of partners for the development of palliative care in Kyiv organized by the International Renaissance Foundation.

Together with colleagues from Open Society, Direct Assistance Foundation, Children's Cranberries Fund "Crab", Debra-Ukraine, Child Help Center for Bullous Epidermolysis, Foundation of St. Luke, National Children's Hospital "Ohmatdit" and OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine we have discussed the most acute issues in the organization and development of palliative care in Kyiv and in Ukraine as a whole.

Questions were raised not only about access to necessary drugs and the care of palliative patients, but also about the psychological assistance to the families of patients, the special education of medical staff and the role of local authorities in the issues of palliative care.

We thank everyone for a productive conversation and an understanding of where to go next!

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