February 1-3, 2018 meetings of representatives of NGO "Center of cluster development of palliative and rehabilitation assistance" We " with representatives of the our Association of Palliative and Hospice care have been made. The main leitmotif of meetings with the Association, medical and social workers, patients, etc. there was a discussion about the development of inclusive tourism programs.

Within the framework of the project, a workshop with participation of interested persons (volunteers, NGOs, doctors, psychologists, parents of seriously ill patients, patients, etc.) on inclusive tourism to Melitopol and partly in the Primorsky region on the Azov Sea coast took place.

Within three days we have discussed in detail the possibilities of cooperation with medical institutions and social service facilities regarding travel and consultation formats and developed relevant projects. There are plans to prevent the psycho-emotional burnout of parents and relatives of a seriously ill child, and a plan to engage parents in the cycle of educational programs on inclusive, rural and green tourism. Also we developed tourist routes for the rehabilitation and recreation of seriously ill and their family members. It is expected that special attention will be paid to families from Chernihiv and others. regions of Ukraine.

Separately, we discussed the need and the ability to support families of HPAs, which, unfortunately, have post-traumatic stress.

As a result of the experience exchange meetings, we plan to organize a number of trips in May-June 2018 for leaders of non-governmental organizations.

The project was implemented within the framework of the National Exchange Program, financed by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA)

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