All-Ukrainian Association of palliative and hospice care

Our strategy: 2017 to 2022


Five years, three goals, one big ambition: to open up hospice care in Ukraine.


In 2017, the modern hospice movement founded by Dame Cicely Saunders turns 50. We believe our ambitious new strategy carries forward Dame Cicely’s original focus on the ill, the dying and the bereaved.

The strategy also enables us to look to the future and ensure that we continue to anticipate and respond to the needs of society in caring for adults and children with terminal and life-shortening conditions.

This over-arching strategy for the hospice movement will be complemented by the local strategy of each hospice and shaped by the communities they serve in different regions of Ukraine.

Everything we do centres on the adults and children who need hospice care and their carers. We are committed to opening up hospice care: widening access to new communities and extending reach to new settings.


Societal Vision


Dying and grieving are part of life.

Every Ukrainian will have a personal advance care plan and access to responsive, quality care when dying or grieving.




All-Ukrainian Association of palliative and hospice care leads in

  • modernization of heath and social care in Ukraine;

  • promoting responsive, quality hospice palliative care in Ukraine;

  • educating Ukrainians on personal advance care planning;

  • advocating for equitable access to responsive, quality care;


Organizational Vision


Every Ukrainian adult will have a personal advance care plan in a secure provincial registry accessible to their care providers.

Our reference point is European Association of palliative and hospice care.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are a platform for uniting different groups and professions related to palliative and hospice care in Ukraine.

Our human resource are the team of 6 administrative persons working in Kyiv and our local network in different regions.

Strategic Goals


  1. Promote palliative and hospice care on national, regional, and local levels


  1. Widen access to hospice care


  1. Work with communities to build capacity and resilience to care for those at the end of life




All-Ukrainian Association of palliative and hospice care

  • respects its relationships and partnerships

  • is compassionate and caring

  • is progressive and focused

  • is trustworthy


To achieve this, Association will:  


Provide information about forms and methods of palliative and hospice care;

Improve the way we promote our services to referrers, patients, carers and the general public but in particular to groups which traditionally do not access the Hospice’s services;

Pay the special attention to dissemination of palliative and hospice care philosophy.

Evaluate and monitor access to palliative and hospice care;

Engage and empower Ukrainians, including public leaders, about responsive, quality care and advance care planning; encourage a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector;

Improve the legislation about different aspects of palliative and hospice care;

Improve the access to pain management;

improve the access to all necessary services, equipment, medicines etc;

Recruit effective people to implement its strategic plan;

Continue to raise enough funds to sustain our current services and finance new developments;

Continue to spend our funds wisely and in a patient-centred way;

Continue to improve the physical environment of the Hospice for patients, their families and friends and for staff;

Strengthen the Hospice’s level of community engagement through the use of innovative volunteering schemes;

Re-focus on our unique ethos, values and culture whilst also engaging with external ethical debate;

Encourage local iniciatives on development of palliative and hospice care;

Encourage local grass-roots democratic initiatives such as creating of task forces, coordination councils etc on improvement of palliative and hospice care services.

Our projects to achieve the strategic goal # 1 for 2018 year

Dissemination of methodical recommendations on provision of care to incurably ill

Research as the tool to advocate palliative and hospice care among researches

Study visits into European institutions as the tool to modernize medical and social care

TV and radio as the source to advocate palliative and hospice care

Trainings for nurses in cooperation with department of palliative and hospice medicine of NMAPO

Prevention of oncological and heart diseases in cooperation with department of public health

Advocacy of palliative and hospice care and its modernization in cooperation with IOM


Our projects to achieve the strategic goal # 2 for 2018 year

Monitoring of in in-patient settings

Monitoring of human rights and preparation of the report on this issue (3rd edition as the first have been published in 2013 with support of US Embassy, and the 2nd in 2016 with support of UK Embassy)

Analyze the political activities of political forces represented in Ukrainian Parliament in 2016-2018

Encouraging of multidisciplinary cooperation and communication between medical, social workers and NGOs

Capacity building of medical workers working in settings in the system of Ministry of social policy

Individual support of families facing the problem of incurable illness

Information support and fundraising for the children palliative home care program

Development of clinical social work in OHMATDIT

Development of the project approach in NMAPO

Support of the inclusive camp for seriously ill children in Melitopol (Azov sea)

Support of initiatives of IDP on creating of special medical facilities

Enhancing the school in central children hospital OHMATDIT

Enhance the volunteer movement in children hospital OHMATDIT

Our projects to achieve the strategic goal # 3 for 2018 year

Organization of trainings on human rights, democracy tools and project management in regional centers Poltava, Mykolaiv, Uzhgorod, Winnitsa, Khmelnytski, and in Kyiv for local civic leaders and active citizens

Supporting of local initiatives in Wyshnewe, Irpin, Khmelnitski, Kowel, Bahmut, Wasylkiw on creating the hospice, palliative care unit etc

Support of IDPs willing to reform the health care

Creating the local town or district programs in Irpin and Wasylkow on development of palliative and hospice care and getting the financing for this programs

Supporting of the decentralization process, inclusion the issues of incurably ill into strategies of united communities

Identification and networking of local civic leaders which work to improve the services for incurably ill

Creation and enhancing the Association’s network in cooperation with the civic hub (Kyiv)


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