In September 2015 the book "The Full Range of Volunteering", dedicated to the study of the question of volunteering in palliative care have been published. The publication reflects the views of young scientists from 7 countries, among which is Ukraine.

Ukrainian researcher Alexander Wolf prepared the section "Perspectives of Civil Society and volunteers in palliative and hospice care". In it, the material of interviews with volunteers who participated in the action " Artists support Hospices", which took place in 2010-2014, is presented. It says, that volunteers can be the driving force of public actions. Age of volunteers who participated in the mentioned action is 23-61, and their motivations - "the desire to help the other (neighbor)", "desire to participate in a good cause" and so on. The study found that viewers of concerts or others cultural events held in support of the hospice came to these events motivated primarily by the desire to relax and take part in cultural activities, despite the fact that advertising and announcements were applied as being dedicated to raising funds for the needs of seriously ill patients in hospice Kiev. Only one person from the audience of more than 420 persons expressed the wish to become a volunteer in palliative and hospice care.

Innovation was the involvement the voluntary activities of former alcohol addicts and young people who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Center for Healthy Youth.

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