Association of Hospice and Palliative Care weekly faces requests for assistance related to military activities in Eastern Ukraine. So, we as possible provide psychosocial and material support to displaced people (refugees) from the area of anti-terrorist operation, provide primary information support to those people that come to us on the hotline and forwards them to the relevant organizations. We give donations to the Donetsk City Charity Fund "Compassion" (director - Jakow Rohalin), who now works in Donetsk and provides real charitable support.

Specifically, on 27 July 2014 we worked with appeal of doctors from Donetsk Tumor Center, which have asked to contribute to the exportation of critically ill patients. We organized the evacuation in a few days.

On July 29, 2014 we acted with appeal of hospice department Kalynivka district hospital (Popasnyansky district, Luhansk region.) Which need help and humanitarian support. Over 40 critically ill bedridden patients need food. They all are in unsuitable premises, preparing food over an open fire. Some products bring the residents of neighboring localities. Hospital staff did not give up patients, and is staying with them. The hospital has vehicles that can meet the humanitarian cargo at the entrances to Popasna or Pervomayska. As of 31.07.2014, the issue of evacuation was not considered.

In August we work with address assistance to families of refugees living now in Boyarka (25 km from Kyiv).

So we turn to you to any material (food) to support the hospice ward. Especially useful are cereals, pasta, oil, sugar and tea. Water is (from a well). Looking as gasoline and generator (during freezing). Mob. phone of Association for Palliative and Hospice Care + 38 097 14 17 456 or + 38 066 244 73 37, mob. phone the main district hospital physician + 38 050 603 72 38 (Tokunova Olga). But the last mob. can be not working because of the network problems.

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