Despite the difficult political, economic and social situation in Ukraine in recent months, when in actual war the government is trying to do reforms or do unpopular actions, our Association of palliative and hospice care is also trying to serve their mission. In May and June 2014, we received daily at least 3 phone calls from people who needed support from military events. We assisted the kindergarten involving volunteers from Kiev Zoo and a volunteer clown. Continued the close cooperation with the "OHMATDET" where we also contribute to the development of psychological care for children. Sponsors provide pencils, paper, paint, brushes, etc. for children during art therapy for them to feel better. Let us remind that this hospital is the only medical institution in Ukraine where work together physicians, psychologists, and social workers.

Continued cooperation and sponsorship of social security institutions in Kyiv and Kharkiv region, where as a result of training for social workers of a local social service centers in spring 2014 opened a new ward of palliative (supportive) care.

Of course, such testing proves our Mission and in other more favorable times, we can better help.

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