Association of palliative and hospice care in 2012-2013 was provided donations in the amount of around 10 000 USD. Immediate charity was used by more than 200 people (mostly by children with special needs from Kyiv, but 20 % are elderly), also we provide a constant and regular support to 2 families of Kiev and 3 state institutions that using it already helped more than 200 seriously ill patients from different regions of Ukraine (among them - central children hospital "Okhmatdyt". Ad hoc assistance was provided to over 10 state institutions, which in 2012-2013 have very limited funding to support people with special needs. Thanking your donations, the Association of hospice and Palliative Care transmitted address charitable assistance (in the form of medical supplies, baby food etc.) worth around 5000 USD.

Our 4 charity events (concerts ) were attended by over 350 people.
Association of palliative and hospice care received more than 8,500 letters, including electronic (e-mail), sent more than 15,000.

We have organised 38 training and educational events (conferences, workshops, seminars, thematic meetings etc.) and actively involved more than 860 people.

More than 270 people received free legal advice and information support in the form of a telephone "hotline" on support of human rights of seriously ill and persons with disabilities. More than 8000 people from all over Ukraine were readers of publications of the Association (excluding over 13000 visitors of our organization 's web page).

To assist in the Central Children's Hospital "Okhmatdyt" in Kyiv, we have attracted over 60 volunteers who provided financial assistance for more than 2,000 USD and provided services (mainly social and psychological) for over 700 hours. Given that the salary of a psychologist or a social worker is at least 1 USD per hour, total aid of volunteers is valuable for at least 3 months of work of psychologist. Directly to assist the Association of Palliative and hospice care, we have attracted 14 volunteers throughout the year who provided services for about 800 hours. The Association for Palliative and Hospice Care is constantly working with 4 people.

We established innovative project "School in hospital" and contacted a number of public and private institutions for the implementation of this project.

The site of the Association of Hospice and Palliative Care have been attended by over 13,600 people who made over 41500 views.

We have prepared and published over 135 publications on palliative and hospice topics (scientific and journalistic materials, articles, etc.), not including those that have been published on the website of the Association.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the State educational and scientific center of Palliative and Hospice Care, and Association for democratic future our Association completes the development of training for social workers in palliative care.

We establishe the first in Ukraine online courses for training in palliative and hospice care.

The Association is actively involved in the preparation of a series of documents that will govern the provision of palliative and hospice care in Ukraine.

Thank you for your support!

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