On 28-30th October 2013 in Zhytomyr, the next training session on "New Perspectives of work in the field of care and support of seriously ill," organised by the 'Association of palliative and hospice care" took place. Its participants were about 20 employees of social services and those who think about the possibility of employment in assisting seriously ill.

The topics raised at the event were extremely important and actula: how to attract additional funding and volunteers to help this category of people, how to write and submit project proposals for funding, what hygienic means are to be used. We also raised the topic of opportunities for submitting for voucher from organization "ISAR". Also we draw some attention to Google opportunities in education and support.

Some attention in the event Association of palliative and hospice care paid to innovative forms of assistance to citizens: the draft palliative and hospice care at home in Kiev, the program "Artists in support of hospice", "School of OHMATDET" (more about them can be found on the Association's web-page These designs are modern and those that meet the most urgent needs of the community and, therefore, they should be spread in different communities.

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