• Patient's tale
    Patient's Tale of his incurable illness

    How the volunteer work is organised in UK hospice

  • Elderly care in Sweden
    Elderly care in Sweden. Health care and social services. 2008
  • Globalisation of death. Death in late modernity
    Death in late modernity. Article by Holloway Margaret
  • Changing the face of social services – volunteers adding value in service delivery
    Volunteering in Social Services
  • Strategy for care for the elderly till 2010
    Slovenian Strategy for care for the elderly till 2010
  • Voluntary care to elderly
    Systematic overview of informal care to elderly in Sweden, Italy, UK, and Canada
  • History of palliative and hospice care in Romania
    Brief history of palliative and hospice care movement in Romania
  • Role of psychology in cancer care
    Report on role of psychology in cancer care, UK, 2004
  • Hospice-hospital cooperation
    Study of hospice-hospital cooperation, US, 2002
  • End of life care. An ethical overview. US, 2005
    Study on ethical overview of end-of-life care, 2005, US