About us

Charitable organization "Association of palliative and hospice care" is dedicated to activities aimed at organizing and development of palliative care patients and their families facing the problem of a mortal disease.

News of the week

In March-May 2018 our Association have elaborated several documents for the development of palliative and hospice care on the local level. These include Local Programs and Strategies for 2018-2021 and relevant calculations. These documents have been send to local authorities (city and district councils) and are being discussed. The documents have the list of possible events to be taken in partnership with local authorities and our Association, as well as other organisations. Events directed to advocacy and capacity building of community leaders and ensuring of adequate access to services.

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The Association of palliative and hospice care mission is better end-of-life care in Ukraine. Our task is to support initiatives and unite efforts of:

- the general public,

- experts,

- government representatives and

- business.

The most strong features of Association of palliative and hospice care:

- Openness to changes and innovations;

- Wish to combine different disciplines and branches;

- Young staff.

If you can not cure, you would try to reduce human suffering. The person continues to live and needs a decent end of life. Anyone who had faced this problem, knows its price.


 Volunteers of Association continue game-therapy with seriosly sick children


Information about Asociation of palliative and hospice care


To provide activities directed to the organization and development of palliative care to patients and their families facing the problem the incurable illness.

Mission statement

Encouraging of palliative care development in Ukraine by support of iniciatives, consolidation of efforts of public society, experts, administration and business for implementation of the pallaitvie care in Ukraine.

Basic challenges for the Association

Determination and providing of available, accessible palliative care in Ukraine; training for staff and volunteers; support of public initiatives, consolidation and integration of efforts of public organizations, specialists in relation to development and providing of palliative care in Ukraine; forming of public awareness about palliative care in Ukraine; providing of adequate pain control; creation of favorable investment climate.

Priorities of the activities

Coordination of work of medical, social workers and public society directed to the complex care of people with incurable illnesses; empowerment of citizens for better rights and interests ensuring while receiving health / social / psychological / spiritual care; raising of the professional skills of pallaitve care providers; studing of the leading foreing experience in palliative / hospice care; encouraging of the access to pain control; development of new principles and approaches in medical care in frames of palliative / hospice care; technical, informational and resourse support of health care facilities providing palliative care.


Every member of the Association has the right to leave the Association; both individuals and organizations could be members of the Association; member of the Association has privileges during selection of the candidates to schooling oversees, while project  application procedures, while selection of grantees etc.

Please contact us by e-mail doroha@inbox.ru, phone + 38 097 14 17 456 (Alexander Wolf MSW). Our Youtube channel